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We supply and repair production weighing scales

Did you know Resolutions Doncaster | DAN-Doors Supplier, supply and repair production weighing scales? We offer a collection service, repair/Re-calibrate and return to site. In partnership with our reliable and economical Scale supplier and repair company, we can offer you a quality, easy to use service.

For all small Bench scale repairs, the repair cost is capped and We can keep track of your repairs, as we do for some of our clients. This proves useful to monitor the costs in relation to damage caused by operatives, water ingress and more importantly, when a scale is getting tired. (In which case We would then recommend a replacement).

In our experience over the years dealing with repairs, the majority of repairs tend to be water damage, so maybe it’s time to consider a more suitable product for the environment they are used in?

Tel: 01302 329969 or Email:

Please Note: We currently have a selection used scales in stock for sale.

Weighing scaled serviced by Resolutions DONCASTER

Doncaster Resolutions Doncaster DAN Door Supplier

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