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“It pays to service your doors on a regular basis!”

“It pays to service your doors on a regular basis!” – Mick Harrington, Co-Director of Resolutions Doncaster | DAN-Door Suppliers. We were called out to a site to look at an automatic sliding bi-part door on a reception area. It was making a noise (was the information given) and the top canopy was loose. After thorough investigation, the culprit was found!

DAN-Door Suppliers in Doncaster


The belt needed adjustment and all fixing bolts were tightened, track greased and canopy refitted. The loose bolt had been catching for some time on the underside of the canopy, hence the noise and it becoming loose. Got the call Wednesday afternoon, attended site Thursday morning, 90 mins later job complete door repaired and operating as intended. Result? Another happy customer! Don’t neglect something, just because it seems to be working. We maintain our cars, our bodies (or at least we should do). A regular service or inspections pays for itself in the long run.


Resolving issues on doors

Moving on, it is the policy of Resolutions Doncaster | DAN-Door Suppliers from 2020 to offer Telephone support on any auto doors supplied by us for free for 12 months, as a number of issues can be resolved within a matter of minutes, without a call out cost.

Any DAN-Doors, out of guarantee can be supported by an agreed cost per call to prevent large call out charges.

Should you be interested in the above, please call or email for a prompt response.

Assuring you of our best interest at all times.

Please Watch Our Testimonial Video with Matt Young, the Technical Director at CAST Doncaster.

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