Low Voltage Heater

Low Voltage heated pre-drilled checker plate, What does it do you may ask? It mainly prevents against, frost and ice/moisture damage on Hinged and/or sliding doors.

The ice buildup destroys insulation and causes damage to the frame & door leaf structure which over time has to be repaired or replaced. Also creates damage to the door seals, which allows air infiltration, which in turn increases energy costs. The plates are not a cost but an investment. It also protects against physical impact damage to the door leaf.

Heater plate

The above kit is a low voltage heater plate supplied for easy install by an electrician or qualified Engineer. For door protection and prevention of ice build-up and insulation damage. All parts are included and priced upon the size of the area that requires protecting. The price supplied is plus post and packaging.

Please Note:

For an immediate response please quote the Size of the area that requires protecting with a picture if possible, the door width & height required and your company name and address.

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