Latest News For 2017

We Offer Belting of all types, with a free survey and full report for each line. Food Grade, Power Transmission, PVC, Modular, and Rubber.

Offered with Sidewalls, Flights, Endless, Fastener, Fitted on Site, Free inspection Survey if required.

Conveyors & Conveyor Modifications all made bespoke to your requirement.      

Also offering: Polyround & Polyvee Drive Belts, PTFE/Teflon Tapes & Belts and  PVC Door Curtains

Conveyors, like doors, require checking on a regular basis. Any moving items wear which can cause, if not attended to, serious damage.

Maintenance on all conveyors doors is essential to keep within the law due to health and safety regulations applicable. 

Please Note

Resolutions have just completed clean room controls systems to numerous multiroom Installations within the UK. All controls supplied and installed to very high standards for various well known British companies. Several large dual curtain Rapid roll doors have been installed in large cold stores throughout the UK to save on rising energy costs by preventing air infiltration and icing of the coolers which prevents air movement which consequently affects the room temperature and over run on the Compressors to maintain the correct temperature in the room. 

We have been involved in the design, supply and installation of a special 5.1mtre x 5mtre bi-part Test Chamber doors for operation between +80 to -60 degrees Celsius

within a highly sensitive area. Unfortunately for legal reasons we are unable to print further information on the Test Chamber and the clean rooms. However, once clearance has been confirmed we will post more information. Or you can call us on 01302 329969.


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